News Chum Non-Stew: A Melange to Tide You Over

userpic=observationsIn deference to Yom Kippur, we’re not serving up stew today. Instead, here’s a melange of articles to tie you over that period between your morning and afternoon services. Hopefully, you’ll read this instead of eating your lunch, and enjoy intellectual fullness even as your stomach growls.

  • Typewriters. Here’s an interesting look at the history of typewriters — in particular, looking at the relationship between typewriters and their owners, with some lovely pictures.
  • S.T.O.P. Plates. CSUN is now selling S.T.O.P. plates, which are a theft deterrent for electronic devices. The plates are sold and installed by the CSUN PD for $10. Students, faculty, and staff can participate in this program by buying a plate to discourage theft. Users can also install the plates themselves by purchasing an installation kit through S.T.O.P.’s website for $20. The plates are designed to alert potential thieves that the device is registered with the national S.T.O.P. database. The database contains the identifiable information of a user’s registered device, such as an address and telephone number, and the device’s unique serial number, make, model and type.A code printed on the plate allows police or S.T.O.P. to access the identifiable information, even across state lines.The program is available for any technology that has a serial number.
  • Are They Ugly to Their Mothers? Lots of people have been writing about the blobfish, the “worlds ugliest animal”. But there are more — here’s a report on a number of different ugly animals.
  • Useful Websites. Here’s a Buzzfeed list of 44 unique and useful websites.  Now I already knew about some of these websites, and some mean nothing to me, but I’m sure you’ll see one or two that are useful.
  • Promoting Various Things. A number of little promotions. First, Windows XP is nearing end-of-extended-life. You can evidently still upgrade to Windows 7. I need to explore this for our remaining XP machines. Second, Bitter-Lemon’s LemonHeadMeter kickstart is still ongoing. It is well worth supporting, as it helps get word-of-mouth out there from audiences as well as professional reviewers. Lastly, a wonderful artist from our congregation, Isaac B-B, is having an exhibition in October. We’re going to try to make it to the opening after the October MoTAS meeting, but it runs through mid-December.