April Updates to California Highways

The following are the April Updates to California Highways:

Did the usual round of link updates. There weren’t that many. Folk need to remember to mail me your updates!

Updated information on the following routes, based on my research(1), and contributions of information on leads (via direct mail or Usenet) from: Paul D. DeRocco(2), Cameron Kaiser(3), Steve Varner(4), Joel Windmiller(5):Pre-1981 Route 11(1), Route 16(5), Route 22(1), Route 65(3), Route 90(1), Route 94(4), Route 126-Cross Valley Connector(2), Route 138(2), Route 148(5), Route 160(5), Route 163(3), I-10(1), I-80(1, 5), I-605(1).

Updated the following pages, based on information provided by Don Howe(6), Marc Fannin(7), David Nebenzahl(8): California Exit Numbering(6), El Camino Real(8), Interstate Highway Types(7).

[Memorial Signs]Added information on the story behind the memorial signs. Added the first entry: Christopher Williams, US 101, provided by Laurie R. Moreno.

Updated the legislative information page. Noted the passage of the following:

  • AB 424 (Calderon) Identity theft.
    Existing law provides that every person who willfully obtains personal identifying information about another person, as defined, and uses that information for any unlawful purpose is guilty of a crime. Existing law provides a procedure for a person to initiate an investigation of potential identity theft. Existing law also provides that any person, upon discovering that in the person’s name an unauthorized individual has made an application for certain services or has opened certain accounts, is entitled to receive the identifying information that was used by the unauthorized individual to apply for any service or open any account, upon the presentation of a copy of a police report and identifying information. This bill would expand the definition of “personal identifying information” to include an equivalent form of identification. This bill would provide that “person” as used in these provisions includes a firm, association, organization, partnership, business trust, company, corporation, limited liability company, or public entity. By expanding the scope of an existing crime, this bill imposes a state-mandated local program. Chaptered February 25, 2006. Chapter 10.

Reviewed the March CTC Agenda. Noted the following items of interest:

  • 2.1c. Traffic Congestion Relief (TCR) Program Application Approvals/Amendments

    *** (2). Programs $9,140,000 in new TCRP funds for Construction on Project #60.2 – Route 15; Southbound truck-climbing lane. This amendment will also update the project schedule and funding plan.

    *** (3). Updates the project schedule for Project #77 – Route 94; Environmental studies to add capacity.

    *** (7). Updates the project schedule and funding plan for Project #157 – Route 12; Improvements from Route 29 to I-80 through Jamison Canyon.

  • 2.2b. Environmental Matters – Comments on Documents in Circulation (Draft EIR)

    *** Route 99 in Merced County – Realign and widen to six-lane freeway near Merced (DEIR).

  • 2.2c. Environmental Matters – Approval of Projects for Future Consideration of Funding, Route Adoption or New Public Road Connection (Final Negative Declaration or EIR)

    *** (2). Friant Road in Fresno County – Widen to four lanes from Copper Avenue to Road 206 (TCRP #96) (MND) (FONSI)

  • 2.3b. New Public Road Connections

    *** New public road connections on State Route (SR) 905 at Heritage Road, Britannia Boulevard, the Enrico Fermi Road connection to the SR 905/125 Interchange, and Siempre Viva Road. 11-SD-905 PM 7.1/11.6 (KP 11.4/18.6) in the City of San Diego.

  • 2.3c. Relinquishment Resolutions

    *** 10-Mer-99-PM 32.3/36.2 Route 99 in the County of Merced, between Sycamore Avenue and Early Dawn Road, consisting of reconstructed and relocated county roads, frontage roads and cul-de-sacs.

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