Who Is Looking Out for You?

userpic=corporateBack in 2005, I quoted some words from Alton Brown that he had posted on a previous incarnation of his blog:

Ronald McDonald doesn’t give a damn about you. Neither does that little minx Wendy or any of the other icons of drivethroughdom. And you know what, they’re not supposed to. They’re businesses doing what businesses do. They don’t love you.

Remember these words. Burn them on your mind. They capture an essential truth in the world today — corporations are not working in the interest of their customers; they are working to maximize profits for their shareholders, and increase the wealth of the corporation. This is key to understanding much of what is happening in the world today: why laws are as they are, why protectionism occurs, and why many rally against “big business” (and why I think corporate privacy issues are much worse than government privacy issues, for at least government has laws to answer to). Here are a number of news articles I’ve noticed this week that touch upon this notion of business being only in business for themselves:



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  1. Interesting coincidence that you posted this now. I’m currently reading this and it’s been quite an eye opener — highly recommended.

    Also, I just heard on NPR that the topic on tonight’s Moyers and Company will be reasons why the United States is so quiet on the activism front when people in a lot of other countries are starting to stand up and say “enough is enough” on economic inequality issues.

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