Food News of the Week

userpic=gluten-freeTo close out the week, here’s a late lunch post to really chew on — some food news that caught my eye:

  • Good News for Celiac Cops. Going gluten free has been a diet fad of late, which is a mixed blessing to those that really need to be gluten free (such as my wife). The thing most people don’t realize is that gluten free is not necessarily healthier for you (just like “kosher” doesn’t mean healthier). Want a good example of this? Dunkin’ Donuts has announced they are going to have gluten-free donuts and muffins. Guess I’m glad the nearest DD is either on the Marine Corps base or in Las Vegas.
  • A Military Scandal. We’ve been reading more and more about scandals involving the government. The IRS. The NSA. The Department of State. There are also problems with people impersonating government officers and pretending they have government medals. Well, one of those impersonators has been found out:  The US Navy has absolutely no record of a Captain Crunch ever serving. In fact, he isn’t even wearing a proper Naval Captain’s uniform, and may be guilty of faking a US service uniform. Next thing we’ll discover is that Count Chocula is not royalty!
  • Canned. Canned Soda. Some people see it as a demon, some people see it as a necessity, and others, well, don’t see it at all. As for me, I’m an iced tea drinker who used to drink soda. But as for soda’s place in society… that’s different. Here are a few articles about soda. First, some history: The evolution of the soft drink can. This traces the can from the earliest forms to the aluminum cans of today. Don’t want a can? How about a Coke bottle made of ice, or a ice-vending-machine of 7-up. Lastly, Coke used to sing about bringing peace to the world. Coke is putting that into action, attempting to use vending machines to bring peace between India and Pakistan (h/t to FiddlingFrog for the link).

Music: Firehouse Five Plus Two (Firehouse Five Plus Two): “Pagan Love Song”