Good Morning, Baltimore

First, from the “you can’t take me anywhere” department: As always, we always run into folks we know whereever we go. As we got on the Metro Red Line to go from North Hollywood to the Pantages theatre, who do we run into but Jeanne L., who was my co-chair of Social Action when I was at Kol Tikvah. I haven’t seen Jean in about 6-7 years; it was great talking to her. When we finally get to the Pantages, we run into Charlene, one of the best friends of my wife’s sister. We can’t go anywhere!

On to Hairspray. Wow! What a wonderful show. Marissa Janet Winokur (“Tracy”) and Bruce Vilanch (“Edna”) head a spectacular cast. You can tell they are having real fun with this show, and the audience shares in the fun. My favorite part was the adlibbing during Timeless to Me: At one point, Wilbur grabs Edna’s chest, and she turns to the audience and says “Governor Schwartznegger, I didn’t know it was you”… and a moment later “I know it’s not the governor of New Jersey”. You can also see that the other actors are having fun with this from the simple joy on their faces during the show. Pure and simple fun. Go see it, it is well worth the price! I don’t say that about many shows at the Pantages.

After the show, we went up to Game Gather 5 in La Canada/Flintridge. Played a few games: Crokinole, 10 Days in the USA, Chrononauts, and two rounds of Coloretto. S&F played a game of David & Goliath. Fun evening for two hours of gaming.

Back home now. Still chasing meal moths. I hate it when we get an infestation. I did find one infested package—its been tossed, but I now need to examine every dried grain product, which is a PITA.