St. Louis Science Center

Today, we visited the St. Louis Science Center. The planetarium portion was “ehhh…”, but the science center was really nice. They had a great display of computer history, including a chart of the original four nodes of the Arpanet. Small & Feisty enjoyed the exhibits about the body and recycling, and gf_guruilla and I enjoyed a science show that used liquid nitrogen.

We also drove back along DelMar, and saw some of the ritzy Jewish neighborhoods in St. Louis.

Dinner was Steak and Shake, a mid-west/southern chain that, in my eyes, is the In-N-Out of the Midwest. Yummmy.

Tomorrow, we’re planning to visit the Soulard Farmers Market.

On the head front: I’ve had a headache off-and-on today. Hopefully, we can get to bed earlier tonight: we got Small & Feisty a sleep mask, which means we don’t have to sit with the lights out while she falls asleep.