Shattered Expectations

As I was on the van coming home, I was planning on writing a blog entry about our upcoming trip to St. Louis and our going to see West Side Story tomorrow. Those plans changed when I got home.

As is common with many of us, I walked in, grabbed the mail, and went to the “reading room”… only to find a load of broken glass! Evidently, while I was at work, the tempered glass in our shower door decided to shatter. Lots of little pieces. I spent the next hour cleaning up the broken glass.

I can understand why it broke: all glass is an explosion waiting to happen, and stress can be released a long time after it occurs. Does anyone know how one goes about replacing just a shower door? Is it likely to be covered under warranty (we installed it in 1997)? What would I need to prove warranty? I think (based on some notes I could find on my old Windows 3.1 laptop) it is a Neo-angle door; I know we bought it at Home Depot.