A Bittersweet Passing of the Yad

Tonight, I met with the President and Administrator of our old Temple, and transferred the responsibilities for the website, newsletter, and my wife transferred the responsibility for the gift cart.

Although this relieves me of a significant volunteer responsibility, it is bittersweet. I put in a lot of effort for this place: creating a web presence for them, creating a new style newsletter for them. With another parent, we created a Tot Shabbat program from scratch and educated our children. I did publicity, flyers, and religious practices. I was involved in board meetings and intense negotiations.

That part of my life is now past me. We’ve reached a point where we must change congregations in order to ensure that my daughter has a proper education leading up to her Bat Mitzvah. I no longer feel that the religious school of the old congregation is adequate for that purpose (having gone below, what in my opinion, is critical mass).

As I’ve noted in a past message, I’m not one that takes to change lightly. So this is a bittersweet transition. I’ll be glad to have someone else doing the work… yet I’ll miss doing it (if that makes sense).

I wish our old congregation well, and I recommend it for folks looking for a small classicish Reform congregation. I hope we’re happy at our new congregation.