The Continuing Question: To Update iTunes or Not?

Well, Apple has finally released iTunes 11 (Gizmodo, PC Mag, ReadWrite). This means it is time for the eternal question:

I have an iPod Classic. Should I upgrade from iTunes 10.4 to iTunes 11?

I’ve hesitated updating from 10.4 to the later 10.x versions because of problems reported on the iPod Classic forums. But iTunes 11 looks to be a complete rewrite. I know that a number of my friends and readers have iPod Classics. If you have “bitten the bullet” and gone to iTunes 11, I’d love to know your experience. Did you have any problems? Does the updated iTunes work well with the classic? Please reply whether you have had problems or not, and let me know what operating system you are using.

I do have the option, when I do the upgrade, of using the Acronis “Try and Decide” feature to back out the change if it doesn’t work. Of course, that wouldn’t address the new iTunes corrupting the iPod Classic. To address that, I’d need to use Acronis to do an image backup of the iPod Classic, and I’m not sure that works (although CopyTrans does seem to have a product that works ($20)).

So what are your thoughts? Upgrade to iTunes 11 or not?

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5 Replies to “The Continuing Question: To Update iTunes or Not?”

  1. I update almost all my software to latest versions. Certainly the security fixes are important and sometimes the bug fixes. I don’t typically update device drivers if the ones I have are working well. Sometimes even Microsoft updates for device drivers have broken things.

    I don’t always buy the latest versions of stuff. Depends on whether the new version has some new feature I really need or some important bug fix. For example, I am running Quicken 2011. 2012 was reportedly a disaster. Haven’t decided on Quicken 2013.

    I use Acronis also and the “Try and Decide” feature is important. I could use a virtual machine to try things out but it is easier just to use Try and Decide.

    I will probably upgrade Itunes but just to keep my software up to date. Since I don’t have any Apple devices, I only use Itunes do get audio, video or podcasts.

    1. ¶1: I normally update software to the latest versions… except iTunes. I had a disasterous experience with iTunes back with the iTunes 9 upgrade that necessitated reloading the entire iPod, and that’s something I don’t want to go through again. So I’m always hesitant to upgrade iTunes, especially as I don’t use it in super-risky ways.

      ¶2: As for Quicken, I update about every 3 years — just because of Quicken’s cycle of not supporting downloading data into older versions. As I’m on Quicken 2010, this year is an upgrade year, so I’ll wait for them to get to Q13v4 or something before upgrading, to get out the initial bugs.

      ¶3: I’m glad to hear that Try and Decide works. I haven’t yet tried it when installing a software package. I’d love to hear more about your experiences.

      ¶4: My major concern is that iTunes works with the iPod Classic to sync content. I don’t intend to use the iTunes Cloud, nor do I purchase music from iTunes (only free Podcasts).

    1. What type of iPod do you have, and what OS are you running? I’m guessing you’ve downloaded it and had no trouble with installation or the database conversion. The Apple Forums have a number of people annoyed with the new interface, although that could either be (a) people that liked CoverFlow or DJ, or (b) people resistant to change. I’ll be interested to hear about your experiences once you connect — I’m not going to do anything re: iTunes 11 until I’m back from Orlando.

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