The Tutorial Reviews Are In

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my many hats is Tutorial Chair of the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference. I’ve just completed making the determination of the tutorials for this year’s conference (December 6-10, Tucson AZ). Although I can’t announce instructor names yet, as the acceptance emails have just gone out, I thought I would at least share the topics it look like we’ll have:

  • Acquisition and Analysis of Large Scale Network Data
  • Information Systems Security Basics
  • Security Policy Modeling
  • Security Risk Assessment Techniques
  • Wireless Security:  Exploring IEEE 802.11i and Providing Secure Mobility
  • The Worm and Virus Threat

I think this is a great program; one of the strongest in years. It is also a nice full circle for me: I started as Tutorial Chair in Tucson with the 1990 conference (I was the assistant chair in 1989) when we were at the Westward Look. It will be my 15th year with the conference, and my 14th year as Tutorial Chair. Additionally, one of the instructors was also a tutorial instructor in 1989, my first year.