WordPress Help Needed – Fixing Image References

This is a request to you WordPress experts out there. I’m looking for a plugin that can go through all my existing entries, find those that contain references to images on Livejournal Scrapbook (i.e., pics.livejournal.com), copy those images to my image gallery, and then adjust the link in the post to reference the image gallery. This is in preparation for the day when LiveJournal decides to abandon Scrapbook, as I’m sure it will surely do given that it cares so little for its customer base.

If anyone has a suggestion for a plug in that can do this, please let me know.

P.S. I’m currently using the “Livejournal Crossposter” plugin to crosspost to Livejournal. I presume that all I need to do to crosspost to DreamWidth is to change the site to “www.dreamwidth.org”. Again, if folks have experience with this, I’d welcome confirmation.



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    1. I already get email whenever anyone comments, so I likely don’t need that (and I specifically picked a layout with nested comments, ala LJ). I’ve added a plugin that allows me to see all tags, and I may add a plugin to improve the editor for comments and what can go into comments. Other than that, I’ve generally got things where I like them. If you have plugins you think I should explore, I’ll certainly take recommendations.

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