Can You Go Back?

During a break at work, I happened to come across the typical schedule that Small and Feisty should be following at camp (look for the boxes at the bottom of the page, not the teen schedule). Quite a busy day.

I was surprised at how the schedule had changed from what I remember it was during my camp days. For example, we didn’t have a daily t’filah (prayer), nor do I remember a formalized nikayon tzrif/machane (cabin/camp cleanup). Most of the rest of the daily schedule is somewhat similar, although we didn’t use Hebrew names for activities. Shabbat is more changed: I don’t recall a Friday pe’ulat Shabbat (Shabbat activity) nor a Tiyeil Shabbat (Shabbat Stroll)–I think we had a free choice on Fridays. Saturdays are also changed: it appears they have moved the campfire to Beach Day, gotten rid of Lazy Day Breakfasts (unless those are how the Shabbat aruchat boker (breakfast) is done). I also don’t recall a seudah shleesheet (traditional 3rd meal) at all. But much is the same, and I’m sure she’s having a good time. She should be getting daily letters, and gf_guruilla put a package of stickers and body-shop stuff in the mail to her today. Hopefully, we’ll get a letter from her today.

At home, its wierd. Its too quiet. I think we’ve forgotten what we did in the evenings before Small & Feisty was born. Did we sit and watch TV? Do needlework? I don’t even remember anymore. I know we didn’t go out all that much. In any case, I think we’ll take advantage of the absence of the embodiment of entropy, and attempt to “throw it away”, i.e., declutter.