Friday News Chum (While Waiting for the Shuttle)

Friday at lunch. Time to share a few interesting links with you while I wait for the shuttle to land (and hope that I can see it from the Circle A Ranch, as (alas) the original A1 is no longer standing):

  • Planning for the Shuttle. As the shuttle is on our minds here in LA, have you ever given any thought to the job of the person who must plan the route? Curbed LA did, and has an interesting article about 5 challenges faced by the guy who closes streets for special events. For example, Tests of the streets along the Endeavour route show vulnerabilities “where sewer and water lines are located”–meaning they can’t handle the 78 tons of the space shuttle. As a fix, LADOT will place “at least 150 plates of thick steel” under the transport to distribute its weight in tough spots: “he expects the entire intersection of Crenshaw and Martin Luther King boulevards to be covered with steel.”
  • That Tastes Familiar. Have you ever wondered why everything tastes like chicken? Turns out there is an evolutionary reason. After all, dinosaur quite likely tasted like chicken.
  • Appreciating the Librarians. We must always appreciate our librarians. Here’s a neat profile of Glen Creason, the Los Angeles Map Librarian.
  • The Shape of Things. USA Today is doing a redesign with a circular logo. Stephen Colbert didn’t like it, and complained it wouldn’t work for Spongebob, Doritos, or the Pentagon. USA Today proved him wrong.

Now to go watch for the shuttle….

ETA: I watched. A coworker was standing next to me, and snapped the image below as the shuttle was landing:

Photo by Lindsay Tilney

(Photo by Linsay Tilney)