Dishwasher Update #1

Well, we had the appliance repair folks out here today to look at the Samsung dishwasher. The problem: The electrical outlet had gone bad (at least one plug had), supposedly due to the vibration. Given we’ll need a working plug for the new dishwasher (and we would have had to pay for that anyway), my wife had them replace the plug (we had one). Cost: $75.

The next question: Do we cancel the order for the new dishwasher? I’m thinking… no. We’ve had enough trouble with this dishwasher that it is best to pass it on to someone else, and get a more reliable beast (with an extended warranty). The cost will be low — if I take the full time I have to pay, we’re talking under $53/month, which is noise. The new dishwasher will arrive at Lowes on Monday.