Thinking About Body Parts

This evening I’ve been thinking about body parts. Partially it is because I bit my cheek earlier in the day, and you all know what happens when you do — you end up chewing it more. Partially it is because I’ve been dealing with a headache. A third reason is an interesting article I saw today from Mental Floss that looked at 11 Insane Features of the Human Body. Some of these features are insidious: once you start looking at them, you can’t stop looking.

Here are two that I sometimes fixate on. First, ears. If you think about it, ears are just funny looking. Oddly shaped. Wrinkled. Rarely does someone come up and go “Nice ears”. Eyes — yes. Mouth — yes. Even the nose occasionally. But ears.

But the ears aren’t what I sometimes find myself watching. Eyebrows. No, I’m not talking about eyebrows as fashion statement. I’m just talking about the look of the brows themselves. Sometimes heavy. Sometimes delicate. But fascinating to watch as a person talks and expresses emotion. It is just really interesting to watch how much information can be conveyed through the eyebrows.

So what oddly visible part of the human anatomy do you find your self watching sometimes (and please, folks, keep it clean)?