Updates and Farewells

First, an update. Remember I mentioned Thursday night that my wife had an auto accident. It appears to have been staged—not less that 1.5 hours after it happened I had a call from someone at the person-who-hit-her’s body shop wanting over $1200 in cash to fix the car. We told him to talk to our insurance. I don’t think he liked that answer. I’ll note that my wife could never get a license number or his insurance policy, even though insurance is required in this state.

What happened was that my wife was backing out of a parking space in a mall, with a line of cars headed up by a ford-o-saurus waiting for the space. A car zipped around the line and hit her. Our company has indicated to us that it wasn’t our fault, and waived our deductable. In this situation, she couldn’t have expected somone to zip around the line. The car’s in the shop, but the worse damage was psychological, as it triggered memories of the last time my wife got hit by a drunk driver. I don’t know how long that will take to clear.

Luckily, she’s talking about starting her own blog her at LJ, which I think will be good for her. I’ll announce it here when she does.


The farewell: Tonight was our Rabbi’s last regular shabbat at Temple. Big service. Lots of hardfelt thanks from congregants; lots of public statements by the Executive Vice President (I’ll note that the President, who was there, never said anything publically in the way of a farewell). I received a plaque (not a plague).

Its odd, but after experiencing the large congregation, which was actually warmer than this small one that claimed to be warm, I could see the real difference. The facade was there. The cliques were formed. We were on the outside again.

And… I didn’t care.