Observations on the News

McDonald’s gets low-carb Coke : Like it really makes a difference when you have it with supersize fries and a Big Mac.

Teacher suspended for washing student’s mouth out with soap. Well, they always threatened to do it — here’s one who did. This boy repeatedly cussed at a 3rd grade girl, and paid the price. The most telling parts of the story are the lines “The boy behaved for the remainder of the day and didn’t complain to his foster mother” and “More than 40 relatives of children in Thomas’ class have asked for her to be reinstated.”

Waiters Use Customer’s Card to Buy Phones. I always use this as an example as to why I have no problem using my credit card over the Internet. It is as safe as handing it to a waiter in a restaurant. You trust them after all. Right? Right?!?