A Day at the Movies

Today was a day at the movies. Originally, we were going to get together with ellipticcurve, but she was not feeling well (and we hope she feels better), so it was just the family.

We started out seeing Shrek2. Reviews have found this better than the 1st, but I found it to be suffering from sequilitis, i.e, if it got a good reaction in the first, let’s put in more in the second. There were some very funny bits, and overall it was quite good… just not as inventive as the first. There were lots of movie parodies and little references; it will probably be worth getting on DVD to look for the stuff that goes by. There was less than usual after the credits. Some of the new characters were great, and I bet that most kids that saw it don’t get the “Mogo” reference.

After a lunch and shopping break (we were at the mall of course), we came back to see Harry Potter 3. I found this to be very good. They cut stuff from the book (of course), but they kept the story moving. The casting, in my opinion, was supurb. I applaud the producers for not only keeping the main actors around, but the minor actors as well.

As for the previews, here’s my opinions/predictions:

  • SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: Pffft.
  • Shark Tale: Too derivative of Nemo, will barely break even if it does.
  • The Incredibles: Looks good, will do well.
  • Vanity Fair: not our taste; ellipticcurve and L will like it
  • I Robot: Will Smith Action Movie. Pfft.
  • A Cinderella Story: Teen movie. Pfft. Small & Feisty says she wants to see it.
  • The Terminal: Looks good.
  • Polar Express: A Christmas movie. Limited interest. I’m not interested. I don’t think it will be a hit.
  • The Notebook: So unmemorable I forgot about it for 24 hours. Won’t pay to see.
  • Catwoman: Very short trailer. Probably an eye-candy movie, not much substance.

Now on to a fun evening: The Tony Awards. We watch this as a family as well; I’ve gotten my daughter into liking Musicals. I applaud her taste in music: when the youth of today is following the Brittanys, Hilarys, and so on, she stands by the Spice Girls, her favorite group. I may not love their music, but I applaud her standing by her taste, whether it is in-style or out.