The Hanging Axe is No Longer Hanging

Those of you who know me know that I’ve been stressing about the Ranch of late (the Ranch is my employer, who I tend not to name in blog posts). The source of this stress was an upcoming reduction in force that was announced three weeks ago.

The axe fell today.

It missed me. It did, however, hit a number of my esteemed colleagues, and I feel so, so, sorry for them. These are folks who I”ve worked with for years upon years, who I respect highly, and who are so very talented. These are people that influenced my life for the better, and I thank them for all they have done for me. I wish them well upon their journey, and I hope they know they can call upon me for good words and good cheer. One of these many people was our vanpool operator; as a result, I have inherited a vanpool. If you know of anyone looking for a vanpool seat from the Northern San Fernando Valley to El Segundo every weekday morning, please have them get in touch with me.

This was an extremely odd RIF. Because of the way it was handled, everyone felt that they might be the target. We were all scared, and I’m sure that will affect us for a while: both those who were RIFfed and those who survived. I”m sure this is normal. As for how the RIF was handled, I’m still pulling my thoughts together, and I’m not sure they belong in a public forum. Perhaps I’ll post them publically with a greater time distance from the event.

My virtual hat is off in honor of my colleagues who weren’t so lucky today. May you find a new job swiftly, or may you have a wonderful retirement. Do keep in touch.

Music: Aspects Of Love (1989 London Cast): In A Train Compartment (inc. ‘Seeing Is Believing’)