Friday Link Stew: Pink Slime, In-Vitro Citizens, Confederate Flags, and Deaths

Well, I wasn’t sure I should post today, as it is the National Day of Unplugging, but I did have a few articles to share:

  • Pink Slime. Pink slime, otherwise known as “Lean Finely Trimmed Beef”, has been in the news a lot of late, and grocers are excluding it from their products all over the country. The Atlantic has an interesting piece on the subject, asking why we aren’t exhibiting the same concern to our other processed meats, such as processed chicken (cough, McNuggets, cough) and processed pork (cough, hot dogs, cough).
  • Citizens By Birth. No, I’m not referring to the birther controvery; rather, the question of how a baby becomes a citizen. It used to be easy: born in the USA, no matter your parents, you’re a citizen. Born outside the US to US citizens? You’re a citizen. But then adoption came in… and the regulations are that if the child is adopted by US citizens, they are a citizen. But what about in-vitro fertilization? Here’s the problem: In-vitro babies are not US citizens unless you can prove one donor was a US citizen. Often, this information is unavailable, as donor information is anonymous and protected. So even if a US-citizen couple have the in-vitro, if the birth occurs outside the US, the child may not be a citizen. This strikes me as wrong.
  • Return of a Flag. This is a fascinating story. A fellow’s great grandfather fights in the Civil War, captures a Confederate flag, and notes that it is to be returned to Georgia or Alabama. This year, his greag-grandson returns it.
  • Passings of Note. Two passings of note: One, Murray Lender, founder of Lenders Bagels, and Two, Samuel Glazer, founder of Mr. Coffee.

Music:  20th Century Masters: Cher (Sonny and Cher): All I Ever Need Is You