Food News to Chew On

This week’s Orange County Register Fast Food column has had a number of interesting posts:

  • One article had to do with the upcoming makeovers at Chevy’s and El Torito. What I found of interest here what how each specific brand is being positioned–this is really useful information. El Torito dishes are innovative Latin-inspired dishes, focusing on made-from-scratch dishes with layers of flavor profiles. Chevy’s is focusing on Tex-Mex casual. Acapulco is focusing on traditional Mexican cuisine.
  • Another was a birthday announcement: Taco Bell is turning 50. Not the greatest — in terms of either authenticity or quality — but it is popular and for many introduced the notion of Mexicanish fast food. In other news, that minx Wendy dethroned the creepy King of Burgers.
  • Lastly, the OCR has a nice summary of the 10 fastest growing fast food chains. Number 1: Five Guys. Number 2: Chipolte. Number 3: Jimmy John’s.