Writing About Something

Today’s been a busy day, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about….

I thought about writing about some work stressors. But I tend not to like to write about work, so I dismissed that notion.

I thought about writing about how some people are really giving my gender a bad name. From the guys who believe the right way to handle a divorce is to make the lives of their exes and children a living hell, to clowns such as the fellow in Washington who allegedly killed his wife (but we all know he did it) and did kill his children, to the two preverts at Miramonte school who gave all teachers (and especially male teachers) a bad name. You guys are making men look bad. I have even heard that some parents are now scared to let children sleep over in a house where only the dad is home. But… I decided that the notion was too hot, and opted not to write a long rant.

I thought about writing some more about this whole contraception debate (where the Catholic church objects to providing coverage for birth control in their medical plans). This is like a Jehovah’s Witness employer refusing to provide medical coverage for transfusions for their employees because they personally don’t believe in it. I think the Administration’s position is right. But I already talked about that yesterday, so I decided not to.

So what to write about. Perhaps I should write about how Ashton Kucher wants to stay with Two-and-a-Half Men. I actually watched it last night, and the show has improved from the Charlie Sheen years. But to write about that would be to admit I watch CBS’ Monday night comedies. Isn’t it bad enough I watch Survivor?

So, in the end, I decided to write about how the Assembly Speaker is proposing a plan to drastically cut UC and CSU tuition for the middle class. Your income would have to be less than $150K per year, so it might not be middle class in all of California. Further, although he’s proposing it would be effective this year, you know it would be passed too late to affect this year’s incoming students, who have to decide by May, if not before. Lastly, you know the Republicans will be opposed, because it would be paid for by raising corporate taxes, and that’s a no-no.

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