They Just Don’t Get It

In the Middle-East, CNN is reporting that Muslims are angry that newspapers in countries with obstensibly free presses (as in freedom of speech) have published derogatory cartoons. They are calling for violence and boycotts in response.

In the US, CNN is reporting that a Christian group is angry with an upcoming Will and Grace episode that they believe makes fun of the crucifiction. This group called on its supporters to urge network affiliates to refuse to run the episode and to write letters of protest to NBC. NBC, of course, countered that the dispute stems from an inaccurate press release that went out without being properly vetted. It should be noted that the same organization urged an affiliate and advertising boycott of the recent NBC series, “The Book of Daniel,” a drama starring Aidan Quinn as a Vicodin-addicted Episcopal minister who talks to Jesus.

A few days ago, I wrote a post about hypocracy. Here it is again. We are all upset about what is happening in the middle-east where the protestors do not understand freedom of speech, while at the same time trying to limit it in the US. This is just like saying it is wrong to impose Muslim morals and religious rules, but right to do it if it is Christian.

Well, I’m Jewish. I don’t want the government imposing any religious rules. I don’t want the government limiting speech because it might be offensive to a religious group. As a Jew, I’ve been the subject of such speech, and although I do not like it, agree that it should not be censored, for the time after that, they might censor my rights to express Jewish thoughts they find offensive.