Getting in the Action

A few days ago, I wrote a news chum post about toys being a reflection of ourselves.  This article is perhaps an extension of that post–if you’ve ever envisioned yourself as an action figure. What prompted this was two articles I saw earlier today. The first was about a new Steve Jobs action figure that is (perhaps) too realistic: it includes all the Jobs trademarks: the New Balance kicks, the blue jeans, the black mock turtleneck, the silver-framed eye-glasses, the beard, the all-knowing stare. You can see a picture of it here, along with a lot more details. If you’re interested, the doll costs $99, and comes with plenty of accessories too, such as extra glasses and two apples, including one with a chomp taken out of it.

The other article covered other action toys as well. It included action figures based on advertising characters such as the New Spice Guy, the Dos XX guy, and the Mayhem guy from Allstate, as well as the Crazy Cat Lady (although they didn’t mention the Librarian), your favorite political candidates (including Sarah Palin), or college faculty action figures.

Of course, for those who prefer the other direction: You might appreciate this article asking how Barbie would look if she were life-sized.

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