Observations on the News: Michael Jackson, Nuclear Plants, Vegas Weddings, and Distant Cousins

As I haven’t done this for a while, here are some observations on recent news:

  • The Bed is Empty. According to the Daily Breeze, and as also reported by mommyathome, Michael Jackson’s lawyer said Tuesday the singer will no longer share his bed with young boys: “He’s not going to do that anymore. He’s not going to make himself vulnerable to this anymore.” Yeah. Now he decides to do this. He couldn’t have done it after settling the first case.

  • Nukes in Malibu. Did you know that the LA DWP once planned a nuclear power plant for Corral Canyon? Well, they did. In 1963, Los Angeles officials proposed building a San Onofre-style atomic generating plant in Corral Canyon as a solution to the fast-growing city’s need for more electricity. The Corral Canyon plant would be larger than any atomic plant in existence and would have the capacity to generate enough power for every home, office, and factory in Los Angeles for four hours a day, the agency predicted. Evidently, the city has done nothing with the land, which some homeowners now claim as the source of geologic instability.
  • A Marriage Made in Vegas. The wedding between Cesears and Harrahs has taken place, and presumably been consummated with neither party feeling screwed. I have heard rumors that the first property to posses the Horseshoe brand (now owned by Harrahs) will be a new property behind Ballys, or perhaps on the Ballys property. It does appear clear that the Bally’s name will be going.
  • And They’re Asking For Money. According to the Mercury News, a planet that is a distant cousin to Earth has been found by scientists at Berkeley. They didn’t report that according to a different group of scientists at Berkeley, the planet has communicated with us and asked if they can borrow some money and sleep on the couch for a week or two until they get back on their feet.

Enjoy your day.

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