Early Summer Planning

First, a general update. I’m tired today, likely because my wife didn’t sleep well due to problems with her CPAP mask. Probably just the remants of Monday, which had numerous small but annoying mishaps occur (for example, putting a flank steak in the crockpot in the morning, and then forgetting to plug the crockpot in). But, I am getting stuff done, which is what is important.

Now, on the subject of the post. One of the things that was in the family trust I inherited from my father was a timeshare condo in Hawaii. I just got an email from the fellow that normally rents it (covering expenses) that he was planning on using it this year. As I’m still sorting things out, that’s fine with me… and it helps solidify my vacation planning. The original plans were: If Hawaii wasn’t in use, go there; if it was, visit relatives in New York.

So, I’m thinking of going to New York for about 1½ weeks during the summer. We would visit relatives in Manhatten, take in some shows, see the sights (I hear the Hippodrome is a sight not to be missed…

My father told me, “Chip, my boy,
There’ll come a time when you leave home;
If you should ever hit New York,
Be sure to see the Hippodrome.”

…but anyway). However, I’ve got to work things around a lot of dates (S&F going to camp the first week of August; tickets to Purlie (Pasadena Playhouse, July 16), The Wizard of Oz (Cabrillo Music Theatre, July 23), and Wicked (to be purchased). I’ve also got to see if I can redeem miles on Useless Air for LAX-(a New York airport). I’d be interested in getting tickets for Avenue Q and Spamalot. Does anyone know how available those tickets are mid-Summer, and what the pricing would be? I’ve also got to see what hotels would be, if we’re not staying with relatives.

At least I’ve got something to plan towards…

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