Thoughts on Timeline

I’ve just enabled the new Timeline feature of Facebook. Here are my initial thoughts: If you are someone like me, who (a) doesn’t post a lot of status updates (especially creepy or ones that can be mistrued), (b) doesn’t have a lot of pictures, and (c) doesn’t put up a lot of personal information (such as employment history, relationships, etc.) with dates…. it’s tolerable. It makes it easy to go back in time and see what you posted.

If, however, you are like the typical Facebook user, sharing far too much information with the world that shouldn’t be public in the first place… if you put your entire resume on the site.. if you update your relationship status everytime someone looks at you… if you are tagged by lots of other folks in drunken pictures or compromising positions… this is going to freak you out.

My advice: Make sure your privacy settings are tamped down well. Friends only, or at most friends-of-friends… if you trust your friend’s friends. One caution on that: remember that the privacy is not the friends list at the time the post was made, but today’s friends list.