Conference Report

I know I’ve been mostly quiet this week—that’s because I’ve been busy! I’m in Orlando FL at ACSAC, which means (as a long-time conference committee member), I’ve not only been running the training program, but I’ve been handling the setup and breakdown of projectors, distribution of room signs, and helping provide the NSS perspective in the FISMA track. In fact, I’ve spent most of the conference in the FISMA presentations, with the exception of one panel on Trusted Identities. Today should be a little different—I’ve no interesting in the 800-39 session, and will be attending some of the other technical sessions.

The conference itself has been great. What really sets this conference apart are its attendees—ACSAC has the best attendees hands down. I”ve had some wonderful lunchtime and evening discussions. The sessions I’ve been in have been good (no useless sessions), food has been excellent (and alas, quite caloric), and the hotel is lovely. We’ll be back here next year, which will be my 23rd year at the conference, and my 22nd year on the committee!