Birthday of a Beloved Friend

Yesterday, was the birthday of a beloved friend: the iPod. It turned 10 years old. Amazingly, the original has held up quite well, as a current review shows. It still syncs with iTunes, it still plays music, and still does what it was designed to do.

How did I celebrate the birthday? By adding more music to my iPod, of course. Over the weekend I was recording while working on the highway pages, and added almost 200 songs to the iPod. Some were from CDs picked up at a nearby estate sale (where I also picked up a 78rpm shellac version of “Showboat”—anyone got the technology to get it to .wav?) and some were from LP. Here’s what was added this weekend (from LP unless indicated with *):

Bob Dylan (“John Wesley Harding”, “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”, “Blood on the Tracks”, “Bringing It All Back Home”)
Dan Fogelberg (“Windows and Walls”, “The Innocent Age”)
Barbra Streisand (“My Name Is Barbra Two”)
Mandy Patinkin* (“Mandy Patinkin”)
Dick Tracy* (songs from the movie)
On the Town* (1992 London Concert)
Harry Belefonte (“Calypso”)
Jose Feliciano (“Alive Alive O”)
The Cole Porter Collection, Volume 2* (Various Artists)
Hot Tuna (“Hot Tuna”, “Splashdown”)
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass (“Lonely Bull”, “Sounds Like”)
Jim Croce (“Photographs & Memories – His Greatest Hits”)
Michael Feinstein* (“Isn’t It Romantic”)

This is on top of the four Judy Collins LPs I added last week. This is why I love the iPod Classic: I’ve got a collection that is nearing 25,500 songs, and I’m not even 90GB full. I’m happy with a dedicated music device with lots of storage, and I’m sure there are those out there who agree. Sure, I’d love solid state storage, although I’ve heard some reports that it might be less reliable over time, although it is more shock resistance. I treat my iPod carefully, so hopefully it will last.