Some Thoughts on the New TV Season

The new TV season has started, and I’ve watched some of the new programs, as well as some returning favorites. Here are my thoughts. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the season:

Two and a Half Men

This is a show that had started to get tired, irrespect of Charlie Sheen’s real-life problems. One can only be entertained by an alcoholic drug-swilling womanizer for so long before the jokes get tired. So I’m actually finding this season interesting: we still have that character being an adult child succeeding with the women, but for a completely different reason. It will be interesting to see how well the writers handle the character. I’m going to try it for a few more episodes.

Two Broke Girls

I’m actually enjoying this show, although this is another example of the 1970s coming back (this is, after all, Laverne and Shirley under a different name). The actresses work well together and the writing is pretty good. The horse is a gimmick and I’m not sure what they are going to do with it, or whether it is just going to go the way of Ritchie’s older brother. I like the running cash total at the end. This has a feel quite a bit like “How I Met Your Mother”, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

New Girl

I gave this a try on Tuesday night. It has potential, and has already been picked up for a full season order. Zooey Deschanel is cute and has a quirky quality to her that makes her a joy to watch. I’m curious to see where this goes.


I’ve watched one episode of CSI in the Ted Danson era (I’ll watch the other tonight), and so far, I’m impressed. Danson brings a new and different vibe to the show. A vibe that is more family and less driven, which is quite a change from the old era of either Billy Peterson or Larry Fishburne. I think it will be interesting to see the character develop.


This is still my guilty pleasure. The cast is interesting this season. I do wish Jeff would go back to writing a blog after each show.

And one other note….

Lastly, I read with interest the LA Times review of “South Street” at the Pasadena Playhouse. They ripped that show a new one, including statements such as “Philadelphia’s famed tourist district is the setting of “South Street,” … Alas, it might as well be Sesame Street.” and “Sadly, the variety-show sound and arthritically lame narrative are beyond repair. Pray that the City of Brotherly Love doesn’t sue for defamation of musical character.”. This is echoed in the Bitter Lemons review summary: the essence is that the acting is good, but everything else sucks. This makes me really glad we opted not to renew our Pasadena Playhouse subscription.