Hello, Slugger…

As in Louisville Slugger, that is.

Today was a travel day, Nashville to Louisville. The day started out with another severe thunderstorm, just as we were about to leave the hotel. During a break we loaded the car and left, and attempted to see the Opry hotel. I say “attempted” because they were charging $18 for self-park, and given that the Opry Mills parking was still closed, we decided it wasn’t worth $18 to see a hotel lobby, even if it was spectacular. After that, it was off to the Hermitage. The tour there was good, but definately with tinted glasses—there was no heavy discussion of the controversy over his marriage to Rachael, his treatment of the Indians, and how he was a mean mo-fo after Rachael died.

After that, it was on to Louisville. This was a relatively smooth drive, other than some traffic as we approached the city.

After we got to the hotel, we did a test drive to Bellarmine. They have a beautiful small campus, about 5 minutes from our hotel. It was built in the 1950s, According to their website, the campus is all of 144 acres and 24 buildings, 138 full-time faculty, and a total enrollment of 3,132. Erin says that’s the size of her high school! She’s on the upper end of who they admit, which could bode well for merit scholarships if the small size is right for her. It doesn’t look like a drinking campus with a large greek life, which is one of the turn-offs for Emory and Tulane.

Louisville is a small city—16th largest in the nation. We drove around for a bit, seeing the Bardsdale Road corridor, which turns out to be in walking distance from Bellarmine. We also drove through downtown Louisville, which is nice, but deserted on Sunday night. We ended up eating dinner at Marks Feed Store BBQ and getting a FroYo at a place over on Bardsdale Road.

Tomorrow is the actual visit to Bellarmine.