A Rite of Passage

Tomorrow, I embark on a rite of passage: I’m going on a two-week college visit trip with my daughter. We’re driving all over the southern US, starting in New Orleans where we spend two days visiting Tulane. After that, it is on to Atlanta to visit Emory. We’ll do a brief stop in Nashville to break the monotomy, and then it is on to Louisville to visit Bellarmine. Lastly, we motor on to St. Louis, my mother’s home town, to visit her alma-mater, Washington University.

It should be interesting. We haven’t done a long father-daughter trip since our days in Indian Princesses (my wife is staying home; she does her trip in August). Will we survive each other? Will I end the trip counting the days until she goes off to college? You’ll need to wait and see.

We’re going from typical Southern California “June Gloom” (it is perhaps 70° outside) to Southern heat—over 95° and probably 90% humidity. We’re also going to be driving a fair bit: New Orleans to Atlanta is 7½ hours with no stops, plus there’s a time change. The other drives are shorter—perhaps 4 hours on average. We will take some time to see the sights (I’m sure we’ll hit the French Quarter tomorrow night).

In any case, it should be an interesting two weeks!