Tea Time Again

It’s been a little over a year since my last large tea order, so it’s time to restock. Here’s what I’m getting this time:

From Franklin Tea, a little tea shop I discovered in Franklin TN a few years ago:

  • Caramel Tea. Black tea accented with rich notes of caramel flavoring. 4oz @ $1.89/oz. This is the best caramel tea that I’ve found.
  • Toffee Almond Supreme This black tea blend is wonderfully smooth, rich, dark and sweet. It brings to mind Creme Brulee. Contains black Chinese tea, almonds, calendula petals and flavor. 4oz @ $2.25/oz.
  • Chocolate. A great distraction from a chocolate craving, a Belgian chocolate craving. 4oz @ $1.80/oz.
  • Decaf. Vanilla Ceylon Decaf Ceylon black tea with pure vanilla. 4oz @ $2.64/oz.
  • Scottish Breakfast (Organic) A blend of Ceylon and Assam teas. Malty hardiness with a bright crispness. 4oz @ $2.07/oz.
  • Gunpowder Green. A classic green tea made up of leaves hand-rolled into tiny pellets. 4oz @ $1.41/oz.
  • Cosmopolitan Blend. A hearty blend of teas from Ceylon, Kenya, India and China. 4oz @ $2.25/oz.

From Stash Tea:

  • Christmas Morning Black Tea 100g. Exquisite blend of Darjeeling First Flush, Indian Assam, China Keemun and Yunnan, southern Indian teas, Formosa Oolong and Jasmine Flower. $9.95.
  • Stash Bed & Breakfast Blend Black Tea 100g. A full-bodied blend of fine black teas including Kopili Estate Special Assam, Tiger Hill Estate Nilgiri, and Kenilworth Estate Ceylon. Very smooth finish. $8.25.
  • Brazilian Feijoa Black Tea 100g. Blend of black teas and natural feijoa flavor. Exotic feijoa fruit is native to South America. Fruity flavor notes of guava, strawberry and pineapple. $8.25
  • Stash House Blend Black Tea 100g. This smooth, rich blend of Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Oolong, Keemun and Jasmine teas has a delicate floral aftertaste and is good for everyday drinking. $8.25.
  • Ceylon Breakfast Black Tea 100g. An ultra smooth version of English Breakfast with a beautiful golden color in the cup. $7.50.. An ultra smooth version of English Breakfast with a beautiful golden color in the cup. $8.25.
  • Organic Ambootia Darjeeling Black Tea 100g This beautiful tea has a sparkling amber color and flowery aroma. The flavor is smooth and mellow with a distinct fruity note. $11.50
  • Cherry Almond Black Tea 100g. Divine cherry taste and aroma with bits of dried cherries and natural almond flavors blended with select black teas. $8.25
  • Gunpowder Temple of Heaven Green Tea 100g. This green tea is tightly rolled into a tiny pellet resembling gunshot. Leaves delicately unfold during brewing. Light body and a distant smoky, spicy flavor. $8.25.
  • Organic Decaf Korakundah Green Tea 100g. Mellow green tea with a delicate, yet distinct character. Naturally decaffeinated. Fair Trade Certified. $8.25
  • Premium Green Tea 100g. Steamed fresh from the garden, our Premium Green tea retains its color and natural flavor, leaving it rich in antioxidants. Pale green in the cup, with a slightly sweet flavor. $7.50.

2 Replies to “Tea Time Again”

  1. (Grocery) Great tea! I use most of the time, but it wasn’t in stock so I bought this. It’s loose tea, but it’s not raelly leaves like the Lipton. It’s more like grounds. It makes a very strong tea. I use it for sweet iced tea and use two scoops (have to use 3 scoops of Lipton) and it’s delicious over ice. Very highly recommended.

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