Your Favorite Denomination

Since it’s Sunday, and I have no interest in the Super Bowl, I should probably write about religion. The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article titled “Where have all the presbyterians gone?”. The article was discussing the fact that the fastest growing segment of Christianity are non-denominational churches; those affiliated with a particular denomination are having trouble. It’s not just Christianity in this boat. Judaism has it as well: The Jewish Journal had an article last week on how the Conservative movement is combating the shrinking numbers affiliated with Conservative. I know that URJ is facing the same issue, and the issue is of concern to numerous congregations. I don’t know if this is happening is Islam as well: I don’t know if Islam has formal movements that mosques are affiliated with.

Why has this happened? The article on Christianity claims it is due to an increased focus on evangelicalism. The certainly wouldn’t explain it for Judaism. It think it is more a desire for freedom: the freedom to worship as the spirit moves you, without the mandates of a particular specific doctrine. But I’m curious what you think? Do you see yourself as part of a particular movement or doctrine? Do you just view yourself as generically Christian/Jewish/whatever, attending a non-denominational or pan-denominational service? Do you consider yourself non-religious, perhaps culturally associated with your religion at best?