Peter, Solo

This evening, we went to an event at the American Jewish University: An Evening with Peter Yarrow (while we were at this evening, our daughter was seeing TMBG at UCLA). This was a very different event: family oriented, and much less a concert as a dialogue. This was part of AJU’s Festival of Jewish Books.

As I said before, this wasn’t a PP&M concert (even if M was still alive). It was Peter reaching out and talking to the children; it was Peter relating what happened at Mary’s memorial service; and most importantly, it was Peter talking about his cause, Operation Respect, built around the song “Don’t Laugh at Me”. His premise (and it is a valid one) is that if we can teach children to not tease and taunt and bully and hate each other, perhaps we can raise adults that don’t do the same. He has built a whole curriculum around this theory, and it is being taught in school around the world, as well as in concerts like this (any fee he received went directly to this program). In particular, he talked about his efforts to have the program in both Hebrew and Arabic.

Given the nature of the concert, the songs were for the children, ranging from The Fox, Day is Done, Puff, and other songs in his new songbooks. Every song was sung along by the audience. It was just a nice, gentle evening.