Seamonkey vs. Firefox: Facebook Loses

I’m a Seamonkey user. For those not familiar with it, Seamonkey is the suite version of Firefox: it bundles together a browser based on Firefox, an email client based on Thunderbird, a web-page editor… and something that is actually more nimble than the individual pieces. Anyway, I’m not trying to convince you to move to Seamonkey — I’m complaining about sites that don’t realize that it is the same thing as Firefox.

The current example: Facebook. When I go to Facebook from Firefox, I get the normal facebook page. However, when I go from Seamonkey, the homepage is redirected to the mobile phone version, which is damn annoying. In the previous version of Seamonkey, I couldn’t enter status updates… but could from Firefox. There is no reason for the Facebook site to be behaving this way, other than sloppy coding on their part (which doesn’t surprise me seeing how well they code other things).

Have others noticed problems, especially if you use Seamonkey?