How About A Dubya Doll for the Holidays?

The Orange County Register has a wonderful article on some of the George W. Bush dolls available for the holidays:

  • The Pull My Finger President from TekkyToys. Pinch his finger and he lets out a loud TOOT and shakes, while following up his ‘command performance’ with anyone of 7 funny phrases AND he also plays a hilarious patriotic ‘tooting’ song. More specifically, according to the OCR, he makes flatulence sounds and shakes with seven utterances, plus a gassy rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever.” Sample line: “Hey, Saddam, here’s a weapon of mass destruction (sound effect here).”
  • George W. Bush Posable Figure by Odyssey Toys. The OCR article notes that he comes with tiny plaque with a quote from his post-Sept. 11 presidential address: “We will not tire; we will not falter; we will not fail.” His little clothes are kind of rumpled, but his head turns, and arms and legs bend so you can make him look presidential or like a ninja. I wonder if we can pose him bending over.
  • The George W. Bush Action Figure by Toy Presidents. This one talks: Push his lapel pin and hear one of 25 phrases. Sample quote: “I’m glad to be in the midst of patriots.” His fitted outfit includes presidential boots and red, white and blue boxers. It includes a biographical pamphlet with 12 rare photos. I wonder if he’s listened to the quote from one of his toy colleagues, George Washington: Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty.
  • The George Bush Chibi Plush by ToyVault. Ten inches tall, he holds a U.S. flag and sports a heart-shaped red, white and blue badge on his chest. He includes a tag with “some of our favorite quotes from George W. Bush,” but of the nine goofy quotes, according to the OCR article, only three can be traced to Bush. The others were spoken by Dan Quayle, and then there’s the “I don’t like broccoli” quote from George H.W. Bush, president No. 41. Note that this is also the company that makes plushy Cthulhu dolls, as well as the Monty Python Voice Abuse Keychain.

Now, where did I put my wishlist.