S.C.J. FAQ Updates

I spent some time this morning doing S.C.J FAQ updates, based on questions received over the last year. As I don’t have a formal change log, here are the updated questions/answers: Otherfaqs (prune dead links and correct others), 05-15 (new question – “Does one ever fast on Chanukah?”), 08-20 (spelling correction), 11-01-12 (new question – “Are Orthodox men and women allowed to wear perfume?”), 11-06-04 (addl information – “What are the Jewish mourning customs after the death of an immediate relative?”), 11-06-05 (spelling correction), 11-06-08 (spelling correction), 12-08 (corrected link), 12-48 (new question – “What is Mussar?”), 12-49 (new question – “Was it a requirement of membership/selection for the Sanhedrin for a person to be married?”), 13-04 (clarification – “Who were the Khazars? Are Ashkenazi Jews descended from the Khazars? “), 13-14 (new question – “Is Yiddish a Jewish Language? What are Jewish Languages?”), 17-07 (correct misstatement), and 19-04 (add two abbreviations).