Casualties of a Tech Refresh

As I wrote earlier, I’ve been doing a tech refresh at home. This has involved moving from Windows XP 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit. Mostly, this has been smooth. There have, however, been a few casualties and walking wounded.


Roxio EZ Media Creator 7.5. Wouldn’t install—not compatible with the 64 bit version and wouldn’t run in compatibility mode. I was hoping otherwise, but expected this one. Replacement has been ordered.

Parsons Health Journal. This is a Windows 3.1 program, so it’s not a surprise it wouldn’t install. The manufacturer is long gone, so I’ll be replacing it with an Intuit product, and installing it on my wife’s XP machine to read old files.

Walking Wounded

HoTMetaL Pro. There was some compatibility errors during the install, but it seems to run right. This is an older HTML editor, so I’m open to suggestions for a new one. Ideally free. ETA: I’ve heard good things about the Coffee Cup HTML editor. Any opinions?

Lotus Smartsuite. Again, there was a minor compatibility problem, but as long as 1-2-3 works, I’m happy. I didn’t install Approach, which is where the compatibility problem lay.

The Other

Rootsmagic. I’ll probably need to pay and upgrade this, as it was purchased as a download ages ago.

Quicken 2010. This upgrade was a download, so I’ll probably check with them, and just do another upgrade and install Quicken 2011 on the new computer. ETA: Intuit was nice enough to set things so I could just redownload Quicken 2010. Go Intuit!

Microsoft Office. I’m running Office 97 on my machine, and my daughter’s “Home and Office” of 2003 supposedly has two seats left, so I may just install that. Alternatively, I could activate the Office trials that are on the machines, but I don’t think you get the multiple seats there. Suggestions?

What Survived?

So what survived? Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9, Corel WordPerfect Suite X3, Emacs, Perl, WinZip 8.0, Putty, WinScp. Still need to coordinate moving Eebond and Pegasus Mail.

One Last Question

Other than my networking question of earlier, does anyone know if running Zonealarm is really necessary (given the Windows 7 Firewall), especially when the product is behind two routers?