Networking Questions

I’m doing a tech refresh at home. Part of this includes updating the router to support wireless, so we got a Belkin PlayN600 . As background, our current setup is a Time Warner RCA Cable Modem connected to a Cisco Etherfast Cable/DSL router. It appears that no matter what tried, I couldn’t get the Belkin router to talk directly to the Cable Modem. However, it seems to talk just fine to the Cisco Cable/DSL router. Thus, the setup for the new router is:

Cable-Modem -> Cisco Etherfast -> Belkin PlayN600


1. Is there any risk with leaving this setup intact? If there is, does anyone know how to get the Belkin to talk to a Time-Warner modem directly?

2. The one side effect of this, of course, is that the computers connected to the Belkin router have no visibility to the computers connected to the Cisco router. Anyway to fix this?