One Day Down… and a Delightful Dinner

Well, the first day of ACSAC 26 is history. We had a good first tutorial day, with no major SNAFUs. This is always good thing. The ACSAC Security Blankets seem to be going over well (this year’s conference good is a good size polartec fleece throw with the ACSAC logo).

Further, I’ve been good for meals. Went to Starbucks and got oatmeal for breakfast instead of conference pastries (as well as a nice travel mug—they say “cold only”, but it seemed to work OK for hot today). Didn’t eat all of the steak for lunch, and only part of the dessert. Worked out both last night and tonight as well!

Dinner was a chance to see a friend I haven’t seen in years: gyesika. We ended up going to a nice southern restaurant: Threadgill’s. Interesting place. Good food.