Getting Ready for Travel

I’m getting ready to travel again. Tomorrow I head out to Austin TX for ACSAC. In some sense I’m looking forward to the conference: I love the people on the conference committee (you will never find a better or more talented bunch of volunteers), and the technical aspects of the conference are great. I even enjoy all the work I do there.

The conference is fun. The travel isn’t. In the old days, it used to be easy: you would pack a bag, check it, and not worry. Today, there’s the extra charge for checked luggage, so you’ve got to fit everything to carry on. Then there’s the TSA. ’nuff said there. So travel isn’t fun.

Still, the bags are packed. I’ve got the boarding pass. I’m loading up the iPod (found four great LPs today: “Blitz!” (1962 musical by Lionel Bart); “Illya Darling” (1967 OBC), “A Dolls Life” (a Comden-Green failure), and the last Weavers album… plus this morning I decided to rip a Margaret Whiting album, four Sinatra albums, and a Dean Martin album). I’m now over 22,000 songs on the iPod… so at least I should be entertained!

P.S. to gyesika: Please remember to send me contact info, so we can get together.