The Theory of Clothes and Politics

According to the papers, there were protests across the country, but notably in San Francisco and Venice Beach, for topfree equality. In other words, these protesters were fighting for the ability for everyone to be able to go shirtless on a beach, a freedom that we do not (alas) have in America.

What caught my eye (pauses)

As I said, what caught my eye was the line in the article that:

People in the United States fear that kids will be traumatized “by seeing boobs around,” said Logan Starman, a member of the Raelian Movement and a spokesman for the local protest.

I hate to say this, but if we were traumatized by seeing boobs around, perhaps we should stop all the political reporting.

P.S.: I should note that Tom Paxton expressed the same sentiment when he sang of John Ashcroft back in 2002.

P.P.S.: Does anyone get the reference in the title of this post?