The Problem With Trees: They Rarely Move When You Hit Them

One of the numerous highway blogs I read is the Sonoma Press-Democrat Road Warrior’s Blog. Today’s is particularly good: it is on Sonoma County’s Most Dangerous Roads. I like it because it demonstrates 3 of the 4 “E”s quite well:

  • Engineering: “Any two-lane road in Sonoma County can be dangerous,” [CHP Officer] Sloat said. “This is because two-lane roads have no physical divider and are usually lined with trees that rarely move when you hit them,” he said.
  • Enforcement: What’s the CHP to do? “Tickets, tickets, tickets,” he said. “Stats show that the more tickets we write in an area, the fewer collisions we take and the fewer injuries and deaths occur.”
  • Education: He said Caltrans erected “Headlights On” signs to get drivers to increase their visibility to other drivers, and that helped reduce crashes too.

That 4th E? Emergency Medical Services. That makes sure if an accident occurs, there will be survivors.