Guess The Song Meme

In honor of tsgeisel‘s birthday, a meme he posted: Set your music player of choice to random, post the 1st line (or so) of N songs (that have lyrics), see who can guess them. As is to be expected, using Google or some other search engine is cheating. Note: I expect this to be hard, so I’ll give partial credit for shows if you can identify the composer, and extra credit if you can guess the particular artist and/or album.

ETA: Underlined completions are items that were not guessed.

  1. You want all my love and my devotion
    You want my loving soul right on the line
    I have no doubt that I could love you forever
    The only trouble is you really don’t have the time.

    Song: One Night Only (Highlights Version)
    Album: Dreamgirls (2006 Soundtrack)

  2. Late at night when the wind is still I’ll come flying through your door
    And you’ll know what love is for.
    I’m a bluebird, I’m a bluebird, I’m a bluebird.

    Song: Bluebird
    Album: Band On The Run (25th Anniversary Edition) (Paul McCartney & Wings)

  3. One Sunday morning, as I went walking
    By Brisbane waters I chanced to stray
    I heard a prisoner his fate bewailing
    As on the sunny river bank he lay.

    Song: Ballad of Moreton Bay
    Album: Sing of Our Times (The Brothers Four)

  4. Youand I, us together
    Dancing, forever and forever
    Round and round ’till the break of day
    Candles glow. Fiddles play
    Why not be wild if we feel that way?
    Reckless and terribly gay.

    Song: Round And Round
    Album: Fantasticks (1960 Original Off-Broadway Cast)

  5. Thestalk of grass tastes sweet upon my tongue
    A tiny bird above begins to scold me
    I stretch my toes up to the morning sun
    And dream your arms of golden brown will always hold me.

    Song: All of My Life
    Album: Roger Whittaker (Roger Whittaker)

  6. You need an older woman to teach you
    One who is barely reaching her prime
    Who thinks you’re fun–not someone to preach to
    What do you say? Let’s have a good time.

    Song: Only An Older Woman
    Album: The Boy From Oz (2003 Original Broadway Cast)

  7. Jennifer slept in a little bed
    Dreams of a rabbit in her little head
    Jennifer’s rabbit, brown and white, left the house and ran away one night
    Along with turtle and a kangaroo, and 17 monkeys from the city zoo
    Jennifer too.

    Song: Jennifer’s Rabbit
    Album: Very Best of Tom Paxton (Tom Paxton)

  8. They say that the tree of lovin’
    Shine on me again.
    Grows on the bank of the river of sufferin’
    Shine on me again.

    Song: Weave Me The Sunshine
    Album: Evening at Pops (Peter, Paul & Mary )

  9. You went out for a little fun
    Oh I know the bars all close at one.
    The morning sun and I are true
    It’s time to make it dawn on you

    Song: Be Good Or Be Gone
    Album: Pump Boys And Dinettes (1982 Original Broadway Cast)

  10. Belinda was mine until the time that I found her
    Holding Jim. Loving him.
    Then you came along, loved me strong, that’s what I thought
    Me and you. Well that died too.

    Song: Solitary Man
    Album: Hot August Night (Neil Diamond)

  11. You see, Brad and Janet, you are fortunate
    For tonight is the night my beautiful creature is destined to be born.
    Throw open the switches on the sonic oscellator
    And step up the reactor power import three more points…

    Song: The Sword of Damocles
    Album: The Rocky Horror Show (2001 Revival Cast)

  12. A lonely child, alone and wild, a cabinet makers son
    His hands were meant for different work, and his heart was known to none
    He left his home, and went his lone and solitary way
    And he gave to me a gift I know I never can repay.

    Song: Leader Of The Band
    Album: Greatest Hits (Dan Fogelberg)

  13. I’ll sing of Spiro Agnew, and everything he’s done.

    Song: Ballad of Spiro Agnew
    Album: The Compleat Tom Paxton (Live) (Tom Paxton)

  14. With tuppance for paper and strings, you can have your own set of wings
    With your feet on the ground you’re a bird in flight
    With your fist holding tight, to the string of your kite.

    Song: Let’s Go Fly A Kite
    Album: Mary Poppins (2005 Original London Cast)

  15. The house was always lovely, the neighbors are a treat
    They sometimes fight on a Saturday night, but never in the week
    Since I pay my bills on time, the milkman insists I call him Joe
    He brings me bread and eggs, and says I’ve got legs
    Like Marilyn Monroe

    Song: Entr’acte/Marilyn Monroe 2
    Album: Blood Brothers (1995 London Cast)

  16. I heard they exploded the underground blast
    What they say is going to happen is going to happen at last
    That’s the way it appears
    They tell me the fault line runs right through here
    So that may be, that may be.
    What’s gonna happen is gonna happen to me.

    Song: California Earthquake
    Album: Dream A Little Dream – The Cass Elliot Collection (Cass Elliott)

  17. She’sa walkin’ talkin’ breathin’ New Age wonder, old time heathens
    People don’t know what to make of Mary Jane.
    ‘Cause she ain’t tryin to be no swami, she ain’t mad at dad and mommy
    She don’t curse the storm clouds when it rains.

    Song: The River, Where She Sleeps
    Album: When I Go (Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer)

  18. Pop. Six. Squish. Un-un. Cicero. Lipschitz.
    Pop. Six. Squish. Un-un. Cicero. Lipschitz.

    Song: Cell Block Tango
    Album: Chicago (Movie Soundtrack)

  19. People ask me, “What is the essence of this special place?”
    Its genes? Its spirit? Its heart?
    What captures Walmart in a nutshell?
    What one idea sums us up? What sets us apart?

    Song: March Of The Executives
    Album: Walmartopia: A Musical On A Mission (2007 Original Off-Broadway Cast)

  20. He comes for conversation
    I comfort him sometime.
    Comfort and consultation
    He knows that’s what he’ll find.

    Song: Conversation
    Album: Ladies Of The Canyon (Joni Mitchell)