Games Day 42 Report

Yesterday was Games Day 42, which I squeezed in before our evening theatre. I was only able to play three games:

  • On The Underground. This was a game where we were teaching a new player. I did my usual building of the circle line first, and ended up winning the game.
  • The Broadway Game. This was the first time I played a complete game of this. Even using the “short” game, the game (with 5 players) went over 3 hours. I ended up investing in “A Streetcar Named Desire” (I was the lead producer on this) and “Oklahoma”, but ended up losing my shirt in the Broadway Theatre Awards competition. I’m not sure I like how the endgame works.
  • Vinci. This was the first time I played this; it was suggested by Marty as a better game than The Broadway Game. We only played to 100 victory points, and I tied for victory. It was a lot less random. I’ll likely try playing this one again until I get the hang of it.

For the first time in a long time, I won a game from the prize table: the card game version of Modern Art. I haven’t played it yet.

The next games day was announced as being on October 23rd. Alas, that is the same afternoon that Temple Ahavat Shalom has scheduled a Family Games Day, which I’m running. I may see if I can recruit a few regulars to come out to Northridge in the afternoon; if I can, I’ll just have to depend on friends and family to teach games. I have yet to decide if I’ll go out to Games Day 43 in the morning; the TAS Gaming doesn’t start until the early afternoon.