And There’s Not Even A Mention of Cabin-Checked Baggage

I’m now safely back home in Los Angeles. The flight back was uneventful: no regional jets (instead, a 777 and a A320), nothing lost, and a long layover in DEN where I got a chance to do some work and finish a book. The good news came this morning, when I recieved a call from United in Des Moines (DSM) airport: they had received the forwarded note of lost keys, and … yes … a pair of keys had been found Monday on Flight 7722 from DEN, near where I was sitting, and the description of the fob matched my fob. They are putting them in a FedEx envelope for me. The call came a few hours before I was to head out to the Toyota dealer, so I think I’ll wait and see if these are the right keys (I’m pretty confident) before I pay $350 for a new set!