This is Yesterday’s Post

You may have noticed I didn’t post last night. That’s because I was too busy entering phone #s into my new phone. You see, my old Audiovox phone (which didn’t even last a year!) was starting to have trouble: not receiving calls, battery only lasting one day. As Erin’s phone was also dying, we made a trip to the Verizon store. We went to the one in the Northridge mall, but they were out of the phone Erin wanted (An LG Cosmos — we wanted one that didn’t require a data plan, which is getting harder to find). So we toddled off to Porter Ranch. They had Erin’s phone, but not the Motorola Flip Phone that I was interested in. So I settled on the LG. After about an hour more we had our phones (and had upped to an unlimited text plan, so now I can do texting… although the upping of the plan was due more to the teen). However, they couldn’t transfer my contacts from my old phone (they claimed they couldn’t read it)… so I got to spend two hours reentering them all.

And that, my friends, is why this is yesterday’s post today.

ETA: Two observations I neglected to add in my haste to post this morning:

  • The phone has one of those mini-USB charging ports, and the charger simply uses a USB cable. I wonder if that means I can use my iPod charger with it?
  • I miss the days when phone shopping was simple, and most phones were “free”. Nowadays, it is “free with rebate” (meaning hassle), and it is getting harder and harder to find phones that do not require a data plan (which gets very pricy, very quick, for multiple lines).