The Health Care Debate

[I’m in a posty mood this lunchtime, mostly because a number have things have bubbled up to my brain…] As we all know, this is a critical week for health care. The tea partiers (who give darjeeling a bad name) are gathering in DC, hoping to convince congress to vote down the plan. The folks in charge of the Obama email list are barraging supporters with messages to convince their congress critters to vote for the package. Where do I stand? I think it should pass, because our health care system as it stands is broken, and continuing to do nothing is not the answer (no matter what the tea-party folks say–it is the responsibility of government to fix what is broken). Do I think this package is perfect? No, but one never expects perfection from Congress, and it is movement in the right direction–further, passing it will spur Congress into passing amendments to fix it, as opposed to being paid handsomely to do more of nothing.

But that’s not actually why I’m writing this post. Given my feelings, I’d love to write Congress and tell them to pass this. But I’ve got a problem. My representative is Henry Waxman, one of the strongest supporters of the plan. Writing him won’t help–he agrees with me. My senators (Boxer and Feinstein) support health care. Writing other senators and representatives is not meaningful, as they don’t represent me. Sigh. It really is a problem when your elected representatives are doing what you want.

[No comments on this, because I don’t feel like debating the health care issue.]