Two Biggies and a Few Smalls: Climate Change, Scientific Weddings, and Link Sausage

Some more news chum from today’s lunchtime reading:

  • From the “Leave Science to the Scientists, Part I” Department: After yesterday’s post, I got into a discussion with geah about whether the threat of climate change was real, with geah basing his position on the whole faked email fiasco. He suggested I look at the “12-Part Guardian Series On Global Warming Science”. I haven’t gotten to that yet, but I will note there is a nice piece in today’s LA Times about how the whole “snowmaggedeon” in DC has egged on the climate change doubters. I mention it here because that article had a pretty good summary of current positions.
  • From the “Leave Science to the Scientists, Part II” Department: Here’s a geeky wedding: the bride and the groom did blood testing at regular intervals to measure oyxtocin levels to verify a scientific hypothesis. Here’s a quote to tease you: “We’d booked the venue, chosen the bridesmaids’ dresses and even decided on the colours of the table decorations. But finding a refrigerated centrifuge and a ready supply of dry ice in rural south-west England was proving tricky. Then there were the worries about getting blood on my silk wedding dress, and what to do if someone fainted. Organising a wedding can be stressful enough, but we had a whole extra dimension to consider. We were turning it into a science experiment to probe what happens in our bodies when we say the words “I do”.”
  • From the “When Life Gives You News, Make Sausage” Department: Here are some short links:

    The history of Lambert St. Louis Airport. Interesting fact: The family that donated the land are the folks behind Listerine.

    Proof: John Edwards is a horndog. Even before the ink on his divorce from Elisabeth Edwards has hit the paper, he has supposedly proposed to his mistress.

    A nice opinion piece demonstrating the disconnect between Sarah Palin and the facts. This last link brings things full circle, because the post that started the discussion for the first item was Sarah Palin’s reference to climate change as “snake oil science”.